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I was born in Casablanca, Morocco, a country where traditional arts and crafts are of great diversity and multifaceted wealth.

Since my childhood I have always been attracted to drawing—reproducing all that which commands my interest or concern. And my attraction to design, fashion, and art has doubtless come from this.

With drawing I steadily developed a sense of observation, centered on forms, volumes, shapes, and colors, but with a particular and keen attention for details. I still keep a large stack of images which inspire me every single day.

I studied the art of crafting a piece of Haute Couture clothing at the Paris-based Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. And the stay in Paris has left a strong cultural impression on me.

But my sensibility is drawn, above all, by the magnificent and elegant Moroccan caftans, which are made up of deftly and finely embroidered precious fabrics.

One of these embroideries, born from needle-point lace, has particularly so inspired me that it has naturally led me to create a line of jewelry which takes up this ancestral know-how in a new and unprecedented manner.

Combining Moroccan and European influences, the jewel is the product of a unique blend which reflects the two cultures and their mutually complementary universes, where I grew up.

Every item is entirely hand-made and then minutely embroidered. Each item thus takes between five and twenty-five hours of work—labor which confers on the artifact all of its value.

Produced in extremely limited quantity, the jewel fully expresses its uniqueness.


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